Common Furnace Problems that Should Be Addressed ASAP

Common Furnace Problems that Should Be Addressed ASAP

Common Furnace Problems that Should Be Addressed ASAPFall has officially arrived and overnight temperatures are getting quite chilly. Soon enough, the air will be frigid. Before the thermometer plummets, you'll want to make sure that your home's heating system is fully ready to keep your family reliably warm. At the first sign of furnace trouble, it'll be best to call in an experienced HVAC professional to take a look. At River City Heating & Air, our crew offers expertise with diagnosing and repairing furnace problems. Give us a call if you notice any of the following issues.

Damaged Heat Exchanger

It's important that your heat exchanger is working properly so that the combustion process is safely separated from your breathing air. When a heat exchanger cracks, overheating is typically to blame.

Problem with Blower Belt

For the fan to work dependably, the blower belt needs to be in good shape. A faulty blower belt can produce a squealing sound. Regular wear and tear can cause blower belts to become degraded to the point that they break down, at which point you'll likely need replacement.

Pilot Light Issue

If your pilot light is burning any color other than bright blue, then you'll want to have an HVAC technician inspect the matter. If your pilot light in a gas furnace is burning a different color, then there could be excessive carbon monoxide. If the flame is yellow or orange, then a lack of oxygen may be causing inefficient burning.

Clogged Filter

It's important that your filter is clean so that there's enough intake to allow your furnace to function efficiently. Throughout the wintertime, as you're regularly using your furnace, it's a good idea to change the filter every month.

Problem with Thermostat

Thermostat trouble may lead to the fan running non-stop. If your thermostat battery is operating continuously, then your furnace will likely function inefficiently. Also, thermostat replacement may be necessary if you're noticing short cycling.

Heating System Repair in Bismarck, ND

When you need heating system repair in Bismarck, contact River City Heating & Air at (701) 561-0804. Our local HVAC company can address any of your residential or commercial AC needs. Feel free to give us a call today to schedule an appointment!

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Posted: September 2021

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