Interesting Facts about HVAC Systems

Interesting Facts about HVAC Systems

While HVAC systems might not seem like especially exciting mechanisms, they've actually played a very important role in shaping society. Since the time that modern air conditioning was invented back in 1902, HVAC systems have evolved to become more affordable and commonplace, keeping homes comfortable and businesses running smoothly. Here are five interesting facts about HVAC systems.

AC Comes to the White House

In 1929, Herbert Hoover had air conditioning installed in the White House. In today's currency, the installation came with a six-figure price tag. When the stock market crashed during that October and catalyzed the Great Depression, this must have come across as wasteful spending. Some later presidents, such as FDR and Obama, were known to keep the AC off because they preferred toasty temperatures.

Enabled the Summer Blockbuster

Prior to the widespread use of AC, movie theaters tended to get too hot to make for an enjoyable viewing experience. However, once AC became common in movie theaters, it helped launch the cultural phenomenon that we've come to know as the "summer blockbuster."

The First Car with AC Didn't Sell Well

In 1939, Packard made quite the technological advancement when it introduced the first air-conditioned car. However, the car didn't sell well because customers didn't like that the AC unit took up half the trunk space.

Air Conditioning & Summer Break

It's widely believed that summer vacation was initially implemented so that children in farming families could help their parents out in the fields. There is some truth to this, but the bigger reason for summer break is that many urban classrooms got extremely hot, making it impossible for successful learning to occur. Now, with AC widely available, there are more districts returning to year-round school.

Continental Differences

On a yearly basis, the United States uses more energy on just AC than the entire continent of Africa uses in total for all purposes.

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Posted: April 6, 2021

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