How to Know When You Need Air Duct Repair or Replacement

How to Know When You Need Air Duct Repair or Replacement

How to Know When You Need Air Duct Repair or ReplacementBecause a home's air ducts are out of view, they often go overlooked when they start to fall into disrepair. But by scheduling periodic HVAC maintenance, you can help to ensure that your ducts, along with the rest of your heating and cooling system, remain in great shape. If it seems that your air ducts have begun to deteriorate or are functioning inefficiently, then you'll want to call in a reputable HVAC specialist who will conduct an inspection and promptly get to work on addressing any issues. Here's a look at five signs that your home needs duct repair or replacement.

Visible Damage

Plastic ductwork is prone to twisting and tearing. If you can see that your ductwork is in poor condition, then it'll be best to have a service tech come over and inspect it. When this issue goes unaddressed, airflow might be directed to uninhabited areas of your home, which could lead to an unnecessary spike in your energy bill.

Old Age

It usually takes about a decade for the joints, seals, and seams in ductwork to start wearing out. This can consequently result in poor airflow.

Poorly Designed/Installed Ductwork

If you have good reason to suspect that your ductwork was improperly designed and/or installed, then you should have it inspected by a reputable professional who can assess the situation and explain clearly to you what needs to be done to provide the optimal flow of air.


When mold takes up residence in the ductwork, it's spores can then be circulated through your home's occupied spaces, which can pose health hazards.

Air Is Too Humid or Too Dry

If your air feels too muggy during the summertime, or too dry throughout the winter months, then your ductwork could be faulty.

If you need duct repair or replacement, be sure to get in touch with a reputable specialist. For duct repair and replacement in Bismarck, ND, contact the experts at River City Heating & Air at (701) 561-0804. River City Heating & Air also offers expert AC repair in Bismarck, ND. Feel free to give River City Heating & Air a call today to schedule an appointment for any of your residential or commercial HVAC needs!

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Posted: July 07, 2020

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